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Chalkidiki Sitonia Vourvourou


Description of item of real estate with five independent houses

The building plot, whose extent is 4.200 m², is located in Vurvuru, on the peninsula of Sithonia in south Chalkidiki.
It is amfitheatrical, surrounded by nature and with panoramic view to the Sigitican bay, the island Diaporo with it’s smaller islands and the third peninsula of Athos. The distance from the sea is approximately 300 m, while the beach is of exceptional beauty and sandy as well. As is known, Vurvuru is famous for it’s beauty, it’s green nature and the clarity of the blue, sandy beaches.
7The south-eastern and the south-western side of the building plot have got a view to the mountain “Itamos”.
The five maisonnetes, which are constructed, are private and the only places used in common are the entrance of the building plot and the road that leads to the private open-air parking of each house.
From each parking, each owner from a different staircase, enters to his yard, extended from 350 to 500 m².This place will be given complete, with the watering system in function (watering with pop up) through pressurize system and also sown with false grass. Each yard has got a barbeque with a kiosk 3,5 × 3,5 m, with ground covered in stone, water supply and lighting.
Also, an outdoor lighting of the yard will be placed, controlled from the inside of the houses.
On the upper three houses, the yard (due to the walls) dispose also fencing with  rails of aluminum.
The maisonnetes are two-storied, 90 m²each one without the balconies, and they also dispose a storage place, approximately 10 m². The first floor contains a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen, a WC and a small storage place under the stairs. The second floor includes two rooms with balcony, a bathroom with loft and a corridor. All rooms are very bright and have got French windows and normal windows. 6
All floors are covered with tiles of importation (Italian). The embrasures are all opening and inkling, while the shutters are made of aluminum, whose colour is wood imitation, and they are electrostaticly painted. The external doors have got security system, and their colour is the same as the shutters. The rails on the balconies are also made of aluminum.
The houses contain full alarm system (radar and embodied magnetic traps). Also sound system and system of fire alert.
The kitchen is our obligation, after agreement with the buyer. Full heating with boiler of blowlamp, panel bodies, petroleum reservoir, boiler of hot water. Also water reservoir, with pressurize system.

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