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Position: For rent, For sale, Greece

Description of item of real estate with five independent houses
The building plot, whose extent is 4.200 m², is located in Vurvuru, on the peninsula of Sithonia in south Chalkidiki.
It is amfitheatrical, surrounded by nature and with panoramic view to the Sigitican bay, the island Diaporo with it’s smaller islands and the third peninsula of Athos. [...]

Position: For rent, For sale, Greece

What we were taught by Hippodamus,
the most renown among the ancient Greek architects. It was he who made roads intersect and created urban housing blocks. He had introduced the [...]

Position: For rent, For sale, Greece

Nireas Settlement area, Holy Mountain of Athos
The eastern of the three peninsulas of Chalkidiki at the north Aegean Sea is known internationally as the paradise of Greece. The land of Athos, after thousands of years of land, sun and sea fermentation, holds the magnificence of nature.
Pine-clad forests, evergreen mountains, olive trees, vine fields, [...]

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