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Chalkidiki Sithonia ORION



What we were taught by Hippodamus,
the most renown among the ancient Greek architects. It was he who made roads intersect and created urban housing blocks. He had introduced the concept of neighborhoods by placing one house next to the other, accurately and logically inserting among these housing blocks: squares, dwellings, temples and buildings. He ensured proper water supply and directed the cities to face north so that the homes would be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. He dreamed up cities with social layouts and divided land into public, private and sacred sections. He made sure that the premature urban environment safeguarded the continuation of the traditions and values that characterized the ancient Greek cities. All that the father of urban planning taught us….

A complex of 50 traditional stone houses and apartments at Psakoudia Chalkidiki. Orion preserves all the traditional elements and includes all the modern luxuries.


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